Freedom & Violence

The realization of an epidemic of police violence, racial/economic inequality, and deep-seated divisiveness across our country that has been growing for the past year and half exploded last night in Dallas.  The soul searching and groping for ways to move forward has been helped along thanks in no small part to technology. Access to Data […]

Everyone can build these days

The array of robotic platforms and control systems is truly staggering these days.  No more so than at the potential entry points for those of us who are “non-experts” but who can see the value in such technologies. While not all of us got to park next to the first iteration of the Google Car […]

Tinsel Town Tech

Drones at Hollywood’s Premiere Technology Event Cine Gear Cine Gear Expo is an annual technology event by and for Hollywood’s entertainment industry. The Expo returned to the historic Paramount Studios lot for its 21st outing from June 2-5, 2016. Cine Gear primarily targets behind the scenes film and television artists and technicians who sculpt and […]

Which Map Do You Like Best?

We are nearing the release of our 2016 Drone Poll Results!!! By way of prep, I am curious as to what you all think about our potential mapping output formats.  The underlying data represented in these draft graphs isn’t important at this point.  Rather, I am curious as to which you all think is the best […]

Tim Takes First!

Our AARR Team‘s secret Computer Science weapon–Tim Holcombe–proved his robotic chops today during his final exam/competition for our COMP 462: Embedded Systems class. Autonomous Car Challenge CSU Channel Islands’ newest Computer Science professor (and fellow AARR Team member) Dr. Jason Isaacs created our first ever Autonomous Car Challenge for the students in his COMP 462 course this year.  Students […]

FAA Lets Students Fly!

May the 4th Be With Us Apparently the FAA is populated by Star Wars fans as they took this unofficial Star Wars Day to give a huge nod of support to students learning to loose their earthly gravitational bonds. The announcement at the AVUSI conference in New Orleans was made with typical FAA understatement.  Most in […]

Drone Fishing

  As someone who often does way too much and who has his hands in way too many pies at any one time, I am used to doing one project today and then a totally separate endeavor the next.  But with an increasingly disturbing regularity, my “separate” worlds appear to be merging.  Case in point […]

sUSB Expo 2016

This week I had the pleasure of attending my first Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition in San Francisco’s Presidio.  This annual confab of the drone industry is hosted by sUAS News and the brainchild of its head honcho Patrick Egan.  I am usually not a big fan of industry meetings and wasn’t entirely sure what […]

Polling further solidifies CSUCI’s prominence within UAV community

Camarillo, Calif., March 14, 2016— Have you ever operated an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle?  How do you feel about law enforcement using UAVs or drones?  How about universities? Movie studios?   These are some of the questions on a public poll on UAVs—also called drones—that is currently being run by the Aerial and Aquatic Robotic Research […]


Check out the newly announced XPRIZE, unveiled yesterday in San Francisco: The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE seeks to usher in a new era of deep exploration of the oceans.  This will both help with/foster both basic and applied research.  Not the least of which will be to boost our understanding of baseline conditions before subsequent impacts from […]