Sean Solo?

On my recent birthday my son got me a great birthday card. It referenced two key things about me; 1) my love of Wookiees and 2) my follicle-challenged scalp. His card was a wonder of tight editing, succinct verbiage (something my Capstone students are struggling with as I type this very sentence), and…let’s call it ironic humor.  The salutation read:

Political Pinball

Deaf, dumb, and blind boys will never play pinball (mean or otherwise…with apologies to The Who) Today marks the start of my 11th annual Service Learning class trip to New Orleans and southern Louisiana. My friend Paul Sanchez just played a fantastic home show in Hollywood last weekend and my son and I were fortunate enough to catch it in …

Orange Hair, Ozone Repair, & 400+ ppm in Midair (part 1)

The Top Coastal Science & Conservation Stories of 2016 As this crazy, non compos, thingamajig of a year crumples to its messy denouement, it seems determined to make news even unto its last gasp. Just this week this angry octopus of a year tentacled out yet again as it teetered on the precipice of 2017 to suddenly drag Princess Leia, the Unsinkable …

Da Quake

This morning’s magnitude 6.5 earthquake in the waters offshore of Eureka in northern California (technically 160 km west of Ferndale, California) and raft of emails we are getting in the wake of this news provide a convenient opportunity to reiterate that responsibly and effectively dealing with the threat of coastal flooding associated with sea level rise has many additional benefits, perhaps …

Paws Up, Don’t Shoot

The response to the recent killing of domesticated animals by one of our resident male mountain lions (Puma concolor) in the exurban wonderland that is the Santa Monica Mountains has prompted a massive public outcry.  Over the course of a few short hours one evening over the Thanksgiving Holiday, an adult male mountain lion killed 10 alpacas (Vicugna pacos) on the …

Ojai Oil Tank On Fire

A now more than 12 alarm fire erupted within the past hour in Ojai, California (in western Ventura County).  The incident was reported at 8:35 a.m. near Highway 150 and Topa Lane roughly here ( 34.438417°, -119.132719°): The incident was originally thought to be a burning oil derrick, but subsequent reports have clarified that it is instead a… Read more »

Rio’s Toxic Olympic Waters

Every two years the Olympic Games roll around and we are treated to endless commentary and an amazingly small amount of actual sport (at least on NBC Universal Channels that have a stranglehold on U.S. broadcasts via their $7.75 billion contract).  Outside of the NBC hype machine, we have seen a pattern in recent years of… Read more »

Ball of Confusion: Hall Canyon 1 Month On

It is almost one month since our most recent energy infrastructure foundering: Crimson Pipeline’s release of crude oil into the hills above the City of Ventura.  Lots of developments continue to burble up as we all try to figure out the next surprise. As we assessed the spill in the immediate wake of that June… Read more »