Hall Canyon Spill

Yet another start of the summer and yet another pipeline break on the south coast. A Year of Spilling Dangerously Our oil infrastructure here in coastal southern California has certainly had a pretty horrid year.  We started with last year’s mid-May Refugio Oil Spill.  The largest oil spill in Santa Barbara County since the infamous… Read more »

Refugio Spill Public Lecture

A few weeks ago saw me up in Simi Valley speaking to folks from young to old about what began last May 19 at Refugio Beach.  I always enjoy giving one of our monthly installment of the CSU Channel Islands Library Lecture Series, an array of public lectures held across Ventura County open to all comers.  This presentation had… Read more »

Week 1: The oiling so far

Monitoring the Oil As the clean-up progresses, so does our monitoring.  We now have sampled an array of sites that span the region of potential impact (Gaviota to downtown Santa Barbara) and the range of observed intensity of oiling.  We are now beginning to shift gears a bit to have some of our crew focus… Read more »

Students in the News

Great to see more stories focusing on our students and their dedicated efforts as the getting out into the regular coverage of spill impacts.  The two most recent of these featured some of our field sampling over the weekend.  Many of the students in our field crews have been canceling things right and left.  This spill… Read more »

Holiday or no…

Our teams are mustering for another field day of monitoring the ecological and social impacts of this spill. Much of the genesis of our current Sandy Beach work is grounded in our efforts to bring folks into field science who would not otherwise be engaged in a so-called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) discipline…. Read more »

Oil at Coal Oil Point: Pipeline or Seep?

    The University of California’s Natural Reserve System (NRS) is an incredible network of protected areas spanning the state of California.  These areas provide much needed spaces wherein researchers can study California ecosystems minimally impacted (and yes, I know that is a relative term) by our voracious appetite to burn, pave, and manipulate all we… Read more »