Hall Canyon Spill

Yet another start of the summer and yet another pipeline break on the south coast. A Year of Spilling Dangerously Our oil infrastructure here in coastal southern California has certainly had a pretty horrid year.  We started with last year’s mid-May Refugio Oil Spill.  The largest oil spill in Santa Barbara County since the infamous… Read more »

Pipeline Repairs Will Take A Loooong Time

News is just breaking that the repair of the embattled trunk line delivering crude oil from Refugio’s onshore distribution facility to refineries in Kern County that ruptured last May and caused the Refugio Oil Spill may take a long, long time to repair. While I have found such estimates to almost assuredly be overblown, the sheer order… Read more »

Oil Spill Trigger Disaster Designation on CA Coast: HuffPost Live

I was on Huffington Post Live this afternoon.  I wasn’t able to finish my thought (Real Housewives were apparently on deck). But if I had, I would have noted that our clean-up technology hasn’t kept pace with our drilling/extraction technology.  And that you can have all the regulations you like, but it is the government… Read more »