Freedom & Violence

The realization of an epidemic of police violence, racial/economic inequality, and deep-seated divisiveness across our country that has been growing for the past year and half exploded last night in Dallas.  The soul searching and groping for ways to move forward has been helped along thanks in no small part to technology. Access to Data […]

Everyone can build these days

The array of robotic platforms and control systems is truly staggering these days.  No more so than at the potential entry points for those of us who are “non-experts” but who can see the value in such technologies. While not all of us got to park next to the first iteration of the Google Car […]

CI’s Disruptive Manufacturing

Our array of 3D printers in the AARR laboratories allow us to print replacement parts of create new capabilities by generating new parts we have brainstormed. Rather than sending some schematic off to the engineering department or a machine shop that would take weeks and weeks to produce something for hundreds or thousands of dollars, we can print our needed piece for a few cents over the course of a few minutes (or hour or two depending upon the size).