Sean Solo?

On my recent birthday my son got me a great birthday card. It referenced two key things about me; 1) my love of Wookiees and 2) my follicle-challenged scalp. His card was a wonder of tight editing, succinct verbiage (something my Capstone students are struggling with as I type this very sentence), and…let’s call it ironic humor.  The salutation read:

Dear Dad,

The Hair Club for Wookiees seems to have paid off. Happy Birthday to you.  You’ll always be the Han Solo of Science! [emphasis added]



In addition to a great birthday card and sentiment (presented to me while I was wearing my newest Bigfoot collared shirt, by the way), this sent us down an intriguing rabbit hole of parallels between said spice smuggling pilot of the Millennium Falcon and yours truly.

By the end of my birthday dinner here is the list we produced:

Evidence Sean the “Han Solo of Science”:

  • is a PIRatE
  • likes vests
  • rakish wit
  • has an emo son who (at pivotal times) just can’t be trusted
  • has adorable wife who owns her age and current waistline
  • vehicle often debilitated
  • has at time been known to retreat into an “it’s not my fault” refrain
  • often interrogated by authority
  • usually in sticky situations
  • not a big joiner
  • into rebel chicks
  • very much so enjoys the company of Wookiees
  • scruffy looking
  • never a big nerf herder
  • his “bad feelings about this” often prove correct
  • often in debt
  • enjoys a good tauntaun
  • shoots first
  • married royalty
  • good connections; always seems to “know a guy”
  • has never let you down…wait what was the second time
  • big fan of blade safety, especially when talking to his son
  • frequently thinks he’s killed Vader only to be proven wrong in the next installment
  • he can be “nice men” when needed
  • fan of flying vehicles that might not be fully registered
  • not a big fan of landing at John Wayne Airport
  • will never win an Oscar thanks to limited range

Well, that’s about all we came up with before the sake ran out.  Please add in your suggestions in comments and grow this list.

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