When on campus, Dr. A is mostly in BTW or Sierra Hall.

Fall Office HoursBTW 1265
  or any time by arrangement
Unofficial OHTown Center

AARR Weekly Lab Meetings
  10 min Zoom Check-InF 12pm
  Tech LabM 3-6pm
  Tech LabF 12-3pm

Dr. A's Upcoming Trips
  Prevention 1st Oil Spill ConfSep 27-28
  Santa Rosa Island TourSep 30
  Coastal Hawaii TripOct 18-23
  WSN, MontereyNov 10-13
  Coastal Rest'n Conf, NOLADec 10-15
  Service Learning, NOLAMar 16-27


Dr. Anderson's Office

AddressBTW 1265 • ESRM Program, 1 University Drive, Camarillo, CA

Logistics HQ

Dr. A's main homeport when he isn't teaching, in the lab, in committee meetings, in the field, or other such endeavors. There is a better chance than in years past that you won't trip over some manuscript or pile of papers as you enter...But then again, no promises.


Tech Lab

AddressSierra Hall 2314

Conservation Mechatronics HQ

The epicenter for our electronics and next generation imaging/geospatial data products here in ESRM. Home to our aerial/aquatic robotics, water quality sensing, 3D Printing, 3D spatial modeling efforts, and related efforts.


The Field

LocationSanta Rosa Island, Louisiana, South Pacific, mare incognito
Cell805.732.2732 • see Media Contacts
New Orleans Line504.475.7447

Heart of our work

We have a large number of conservation projects, field sites, field-based courses, and collaborations with private and public partners near and far. All of these tend to translate into much time off campus ensconced in the natural world...where the fun really happens!