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Original landing page for our Community Fire Tracker (officially released December 7, 2017).


Click HERE for the Community Fire Tracker


I’ll be posting more fire-related perspectives soon, but for now check out our new Community Fire Tracker.  This webpage was created, curated, and implemented in about 36 hours thanks to a great crew of data geeks, coders, conservationists, and all around community-centered peoples across the west coast (we even had a Canadian rolling in the mix).

This new webpage is designed to be an organic page which can grow over time.  It pulls together recent and as-close-to-realtime fire-related data  as we could find.  It turns out the live disaster-related APIs are not that easy to find.  For now we hope this will serve as a central starting place for folks looking for data-based updates on the unfolding fires across the southland.

It takes a village (and free space from web hoster GoDaddy) to create a site that is streamlined to easily play with any mobile device, content-relevant information for folks looking for key data quickly, and able to withstand strong demand should a gazillion people want to logon at once.

We have to say things like “this is not an official channel of communication” and that we “don’t guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any information on these external websites” but…this site rocks!  It is your one-stop starting point for info on the fires.  Check it out and please share.



Hacking together a site over Zoom.


A great map of the December 2017 SoCal Fires as of December 7, 2017 at 15:00…if only it were real-time! Map: LA Times

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